Henry digs rehab

The Mobility Garden is a unique healing space where our rehabilitation patients can practice life skills in the real environment. It includes garden boxes, multi-surface walking areas, a putting green and more. Read More

Rosa’s trainer keeps her young at heart

Cardiac Rehabilitation is one of over 70 specialized classes and programs available at HealthFit. Read More

Trevor rocks his recovery

The Music Therapy Studio is a unique healing space that provides a therapeutic happy distraction for our Pediatric patients. The sound-proof studio includes donated musical instruments, video equipment and TVs. Read More

JT gets back in the game

The Rehabilitation Pavilion Gym is a unique healing space that helps our patients regain strength and independence. High-tech, high-touch rehab programs are customized to each patient’s needs and goals. Read More

Robin’s furry therapist is a real pro

The Courtyard is a unique healing space where our patients can enjoy sunshine, fresh air, and our amazing Pet Therapy dogs. They’ve offered comfort and kindness to our patients for over 15 years. Read More